The following testimonials are from clients across my private practice, my time at Dove Counselling Services and at the Women's Shelter, Safer Places –  the comments remain anonymous to maintain confidentiality.



'We can’t thank Kathryn enough for being there for our 17 year-old daughter who was finding life stressful. Understandably, she felt unable to offload her anxieties and concerns to us, and Kathryn was a huge support, offering a source of understanding and guidance in a neutral & calm environment. Our daughter has grown in confidence and can now cope better with life’s ups and downs. Although no longer requiring Kathryn's support on a weekly basis, we know that she will always be able to offer additional guidance whenever needed. We would have no hesitation in recommending Kathryn to anyone who, for whatever reason, feels that they need some emotional help and support.


'Kathryn, many thanks for your guidance and support, which helped me through an extremely dark and stressful period in my life. Counselling is not something I would have thought to turn to, if it wasn't for the extremely distressing personal circumstances that I faced, especially as a man, but I see now how useful it can be to understanding myself and how some of my learnt coping strategies were actually fairly self destructive. You have made my first experience of counselling an extremely good one and made it something I will return when I feel it's required. Thanks again'.


'When I was at an all time low I was advised to seek help.  I never thought I'd find someone who I could trust and who understood me but then I found Kathryn.  She helped me understand my feelings and gave me many coping mechanisms, I am extremely grateful for her incredible help and support.'

‘The process of looking back to understand what’s happening for me right now was very powerful for me, thanks Kathryn’.  (This client is referring to a psychodynamic approach, which is just one of the ways of working I use in my integrative practice).

‘I believe Kathryn understood me more than I do myself… I was blown away at how insightful she was; she read between the lines of what I was saying and gave me great insight’.

‘Just a huge thank you to Kathryn for the service she’s provided to me, I have gained so much and I will always be grateful’.

‘I went to see Kathryn when I was at my lowest ebb.  She had a way of understanding me that I’d never had before – she knew what I was feeling before I did and it helped me so much to make sense of things’.

‘I felt so relieved and grateful to be receiving some help, when I met Kathryn, I felt at ease and I knew I could trust her which was really important to me’.

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