Why counselling?


Life can throw things our way that cause us emotional pain and suffering, problems can take their toll, partly because we bottle them up, or try to ignore them, hoping they will just go away.  We might feel the urge to put on a brave face, to show the world we can cope, but when we avoid difficult feelings we actually trap them inside ourselves and they can then impact us for longer. 


You may have experienced an issue that is on your mind, leaving you feeling low and exhausted. It maybe that a difficulty has been triggered by a life event or a traumatic experience; such difficulties can effect your life and your relationships, particularly when they havent been fully processed psychologically.  Left unexpressed and unexplored difficult feelings and emotions can impact our mental and physical health as well as lead us to depend on unhealthy coping mechanisms. 


A heathy alternative is to look after your emotional and mental wellbeing by seeking professional therapeutic counselling.  Talking with a counsellor gives you the opportunity to process and work through those difficulties and explore why they might be happening.  Counselling also provides an opportunity to gain insight into aspects of yourself that you may not be fully aware of.  With added insight things become clearer, you will feel less stuck and your choices for coping and responding become broader - you can start making healthier choices for yourself and find that difficult issues, circumstances and feelings get better overtime.


I offer counselling for a wide variety of issues: depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties (including coping with separation, infidelity & domestic violence) also trauma, loss and bereavement. 


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